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(No Design or Tech Skills Required)

You know you need to sell something

You know your stuff.  You can create rockstar content and you want to get it into the hands of those who NEED it. You know that people are much more likely to use something they pay for.  And if they use it, they will benefit from it.  You plan to change lives that way. 

But 3 things stand in the way:
Design Skills

The lackluster designs you spend hours creating don’t match the rockstar content inside and you know you are losing customers because of it.


Hours on the design means less time for rockstar content.  And with kids interrupting every 7.65 minutes, every second of your time is precious.

Tech Skills

Even if you had an eye for design, how do you use the tech tools to actually create the product?  You’ve tried and it doesn’t turn out like you imagine.

You don't have enough of any of them
You own a blog or podcast that’s been standing still financially for years.  You waste time doing nothing because you are too overwhelmed to start. Getting a product you’d be proud to share would realistically take you a year or more.  You wish you could just get it created and sell it without wasting time and becoming frustrated. 
You are trying not to freak out
You want to help those who follow you – and you do for free all the time.  You aren’t “in it for the money,” but you’ve worked diligently and paid for several marketing strategies, tools, and courses for your website.  You need to make something back in return or you may just need to quit this “business.”

What if You could have a gorgeous product ready to sell in 1 week?

(Because the design was done for you and you knew exactly how to use the tools to customize it) 

What would you do with the money you’d make?

Hire an assistant?

So you can stop working a gazillion and a half hours per week and get back to things like FHE and soccer games.

Take a Vacation?

Where you can reconnect with your spouse and kids and rekindle your passion for your business.

Support A Cause?

Donate to rescue kids from slavery or help the family down the street who lost their job because of Covid?


With the Product Template Vault You Will:

Here's what's included:

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32 Workbook pages

Use these 32 pages to create any type of workbook:

  • Homeschool workbook
  • eCourse workbook
  • Challenge workbook
  • Any workbook on any topic!

Just change the colors and fonts and drop in your own content and you’ll have a beautiful workbook to sell!

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5 eBook Templates

Create an eBook that teaches what you know!  With 67 total pages, you can create anything you want!

Just change the colors and fonts and drop in your own content and you’ll have a beautiful workbook to sell!

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1 Proposal Website Template

Wow your potential clients with a beautiful, professional, and personal project proposal

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3 Freemium Templates

Use any of these templates to create a standout lead magnet that will build KLAT (Know, Like, And Trust) with your new email subscribers.

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Will work with the free Canva or Canva Pro. Images not included, but link is provided if you want to purchase a license.

21 Planner Pages

Create a planner customized for your people.  

  • Teach about exercise? Include an exercise tracker.  
  • Teach about parties?  Include a party planning page.
  • Teach about deployment?  Include a deployment connection planner page.

Are you ready to stop procrastinating and create a product that looks as incredible as the content you create?

30 day money back guarantee

The Product Template Vault

146 stunning template pages. Create any product you can imagine without design or tech skills.
$ 99 One Time Payment
  • 32 Workbook pages - Worth $29
  • 5 eBook template (67 pages total) - Worth $69
  • 21 Planner pages - worth $19
  • 3 lead magnet templates (21 pages total) - worth $19
  • Standout Canva Training (Pro vs free, intro and advanced hacks) - worth $89
Save $126

I am certain you are going to love the Product Template Vault!  I am so certain that I offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  The only requirement is that you email me and tell me why it was not helpful (so I can improve it in the future).

I'm Misty Marsh

I created the product template valut so you can start earning NOW

I’m a mom of 4 kids ages 9-12, and I’ve built 4 online businesses since the oldest (twins) were born in 2007. In 2018 I sold one of those business for 6 figures. 

Oh, but don’t let that make you think we can’t be friends. I also know what it feels like to give all you’ve got to your dreams and have them fall flat.  I spent 2 years on my first business and my total profit was about $100.

And guess what else? My very first digital product – an eBook took me over 2 years to create!  I GET procrastination!

Don’t be like me.

Once I put that eBook out for sale, I made $3000 that first weekend and tens of thousands over the next few years from that book.  Oh how I wish I’d gotten it out sooner!  But I just didn’t have the design skills I needed to make it look like something I could be proud of.

Fast-forward and I now have those skills and I want to share them with you so that you can fast track your product creation and start earning NOW.

Don’t wait!  Get The Product Template Vault today!




What tools do I need to use the templates?

A Canva account.  I recommend Pro, but the free account works too.

What if the templates don't work for me?

I plan to exceed your expectations with the course.  I am so certain of it that I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

The only requirement is that you email me and tell me at least 1 thing you tried from the templates and why/how it was not helpful (so I can improve it in the future).

What if I have another question?

You can email and my assistant Audra will get you sorted out or forward your question to me.

Stop procrastinating and start earning